[ANNOUNCEMENT] Article in Sys Admin Magazine! :)

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Article in Sys Admin Magazine! :)

Notapor buanzo el Mar Jul 03, 2007 1:33 pm

Yep, my Enigform & mod_auth_openpgp article is finally published, I just got the SAMAG Newsletter, which I paste here:


The Sys Admin Newsletter
News for the
August 2007 issue of Sys Admin magazine


1. Highlights of the August issue
2. Sys Admin Back Issue CD
3. Dr. Dobb's Journal Architecture & Design World

Minimizing TCO for Secure FTP & Telnet Replacement -- White Paper

Your auditors have told you to replace Telnet and FTP. But how do you
do it without having to rewrite the scripts and programs that have
served you well over the past years? And how do you do it
cost-effectively with minimal disruption to the production systems?
Download the new white paper from SSH Communications Security to learn
how it can be done and how to assess the total costs of secure file
transfer and system administration solutions.

http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0FAH10AN


The Sys Admin July 2007 issue contains:

The Best Guides for Managing Information Security
Kerry Thompson
Thompson reviews several freely available documents that can help with
managing IT security.
http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0FMQM0AC

VPNSCAN: Extending the Audit and Compliance Perimeter
Rob VandenBrink
VandenBrink provides a tool called VPNSCAN for auditing remote IP
addresses for compliance with an existing remote access policy.
http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0FMQN0AD

OCSP with Apache mod_nss
Brian Allshouse
Arreman examines several OpenSolaris distributions and compares their
strengths and weaknesses with Linux.

Identity and Data Authentication for HTTP using OpenPGP
Arturo "Buanzo" Busleiman
Busleiman shows how to use PGP to digitally sign HTTP requests.

Getting to Know the SolarisTM iSCSI Stack
Ryan Matteson
Matteson provides an introduction to iSCSI and describes how to set up
a Solaris 10 host to act as an iSCSI initiator and a Nevada host to
act as an iSCSI target.

Troubleshooting Methods
Scott Cromar
Cromar describes a troubleshooting methodology to help organize your
approach to problem solving.

Escaping Metacharacters in Perl RegEx Character Classes
Christopher Lane
Lane shares 12 rules for quick reference when escaping metacharacters.


Questions and Answers
Amy Rich
Rich solves a PHP syntax problem, recommends tools for wiping Solaris
disks, and shows how to merge files without sorting the data.
http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0FMQO0AE

New Products:
http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0FMQP0AF



Since 1992, Sys Admin magazine has provided systems administrators
with the best practical technical information for keeping Unix systems
up and running. Now, you can get EVERY ISSUE of the number one
Unix/Linux publication on one convenient CD-ROM! Put 15 years of Sys
Admin magazine at your fingertips -- no more fumbling through back
issues or trying to find a particular snippet of code. Order the Sys
Admin Version 12 CD-ROM today for only $49.95, plus shipping &
http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0D1Zk0AL


Dr. Dobb's Architecture & Design World 2007

July 24-27 in Chicago, IL -- Featuring over 70 in-depth sessions, the
Dr. Dobb's Architecture & Design World curriculum offers comprehensive
coverage of software architecture, modeling, design, usability, and
UML. Don't miss this outstanding learning opportunity. Register today!

http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0FE7h0A4


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email (not on bulletin boards). To subscribe, see:
http://newsletters.sdmediagroup.com/cgi ... St0Dmnb0AW

Email comments to: SAeditors@cmp.com

To subscribe to Sys Admin magazine, visit:
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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Article in Sys Admin Magazine! :)



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